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Google Maps Navigation App Review

Well this is one of the best navigation apps that I have ever seen. When we plan a trip apart from packing our bags there are other things that we have to put a check on to ensure our trip is safe. Well to start off with, there’s finding the right route which is a little bit of a problem even if we get the address and the maps all in places.


There’s a lot of rummaging in the car with the map, and asking people for directions, and I always need a person to be inconstant contact with the map to help me out as I’m driving. Now after i’ve found Google’s navigation maps, things are a lot easier.

Yes! Now I can get into my car and drive anywhere with confidence without the fear of being lost, the best part of all is that I don’t need to make additional stops to ask for directions and I don’t even need to run in circles wasting gas. All I do is get my mobile attached to my mobile to my car dock and turn on the app and it gives me all that I need.

I could either type in the destination that I’m heading to, or speak out the address into the phones for its also voice activated. Offcourse I like to speak into my phone instead as its faster, now you’ve got your map and all you need to do is follow it. It like having mum to lead you by the hand, it takes you through every turn, showing you all the tiny little details as you go.

And if you look closer you’ll be able to see a little light on the corner of your screen that gives you an idea of traffic in the area. The map also shows you the traffic on the road ahead and helps you to predetermine your desired route. If you feel your going to be stuck in traffic, you can always opt for another route.

Then there’s one special thing, since the map is connected to the Internet it also gives you details and information based of the details from the Internet. For example, if your looking for local excitement in a particular town, all you need to do is Google it and find out the area its going to be conducted and speak into your phone and you’ll find your way.

Like this there’s many more, using your layers menu, you’ll be able to find gas stations , parking, restaurants, ATM’s and many more. So now you’ve got it all, next time you step into your car for along drive to a place unknown, it’s going to be with a lot of confidence in an absence of fear.



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