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Hello Gold Coast: Your complete Guide to the Gold Coast Australia!

Traveling to Gold Coast can be a very amazing holiday, especially for those who will consider using the hello gold Coast android app. The app is basically a virtual database that will allow travelers to know exactly where to go in order to enjoy a great meal, ride some jet boats, visit a great museum and so forth. However, not only will they have the location pinpointed with impressive accuracy, but the descriptions will be complete with direct contact details, images, concise descriptions, discount coupons, YouTube clips, Twitter capabilities and so on.

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Overly detailed information:

If there are any major events taking place in the area, they will be mentioned as well, so that travelers don’t miss out on anything happening in this wonderful place. But if there’s one reason to why people will be thrilled about using the app, that is the fact that they can save a lot of money through the use of discount coupons they’ll be informed about. To redeem special offers, they just need to present their phone to the activity or restaurant they want to stay at.


Hello Gold Coast was designed with room for expansion in mind and also a great set of features nonetheless. Accessing it, users will gain access to a lot of information, including discount coupons, comprehensive info on the area’s nightlife, hinterland, shopping, but also the local beaches.

The developers were fully aware that a great app cannot be designed unless they consider an excellent layout and simple navigation and that is why these 2 aspects were intelligently integrated. Asides from the fact that the app offers GPS tracking and more than one hundred and fifty entries including shopping, restaurants, cruises, attractions and so on, it also offers free lifetime updates and the possibility of user submitted feedback.

Hello Gold Coast

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With that in mind, it seems that traveling to the Gold Coast will never be the same again and that is all thanks to the Hello Gold Coast android app. Using it, people will be assisted in finding some of the area’s hidden treasures, save a lot of money and eventually manage enjoying their stay here more than they could’ve imagined.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

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