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TravelerComm – Make your Journey Easy and Pleasant

Are you an adventurous person who likes to explore the world? You can visit new places with this Android app named ‘TravelerComm’ and become a smart traveler. This app acts as a travel directory by providing tourists with offline maps, guides, friends etc. Aren’t you excited? Read on to know more about this app.


What’s the app about?

TravelerComm is an app that provides all the information necessary for a traveler like the directions of the destinations, the distance between places, the list of friends around a tourist spot etc. This Android app helps a traveler share his experiences with his family, friends and relatives through the smart device.

How does the app work?

There are 3 tools in TravelerComm namely Travel Notes, Travel Friends and Travel Guide. The Travel Notes tool provides you with a separate option to make a note of the memorable moments during your travel. You can also give interesting titles to your notes for easy access. Travel Note also has the option to include reminders. It has an exclusive search option to search for notes that have been already saved. You can also delete old notes. You can add tags to your notes to make them more appealing.

The Travel Friends tool has 3 options – Show map, My friend and Messages. The Show map option presents a map that exhibits your current position in the particular place/city/country. Using the My friend option you can send friend requests to new people and connect with them. The Messages option helps you find notes shared by your friends. You have to register with this app to use the My friend and Messages options.


The Travel Guide tool has 2 main options named Travel Guides and Travel Maps. The Travel Guides option has 3 default audio guides for Florence, Paris and Vienna which are payable. You also have the option to search for other payable audio guides of your choice. The Travel Maps option provides you with 770 offline maps that can be purchased to have a safe and happy travel.

With this great travel companion, you can add many photos to your notes. A brief tutorial could have been provided to help first time users understand the working of the app. Apart from this, TravelerComm is the perfect tool for people with a wanderlust spirit.

The app has a free version and a paid version that costs $2.80. TravelerComm requires an Android version of 2.2 and above.

Price: $2.81

Rating: 4/ 5

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3 Comments on TravelerComm – Make your Journey Easy and Pleasant

  1. BLAZ

    Now, TravelerComm Android App (payable version)offers sharing your notes with photos, location, text and real or adjustable date to anyone by email link. Link to shared notes can be posted by Gmail, Email, Google +, Facebook, Twitter… When you use FB Share button or Twitter Share button you don't need Android Apps for Twitter or Facebook. Why is this cool? Because only the sender needs Android mobile phone with TravelerComm payable version. All friends need only internet access and email.

  2. BLAZ

    New price for TravelerComm full version. Now it costs only 1.28€ or about 1.67$. Type TravelerComm on Google Play and purchase it! It is a nice travel and sharing solution.

  3. Mark L.

    wow! This is must for travelers! 🙂 But also when traveling transcontinental, you can download another amazing app – Klok, currently available for iOS and will soon be launched for the Apple Watch and Android. The app allows users to view time across 5 different cities without unlocking the phone! If you're traveling to other countries then this is a great world time converter to have on your phone! Techcrunch also featured it. klok is available for download on iTunes at:

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