Twitter App Review

We all know and love twitter, the experience is just wonderful, posting comments having fun with friends , keeping closely knit with the family, sharing love and happiness, wow its all just a big bag of fun. Umm.. what would I do without twitter. I seriously would be depressed. Its like an alarm in my head, that keeps going off even if I do not have my phone in handy. I just sense it that I have received a message or a tweet that has to be answered.


You may even think that I’m paranoid, for who would be stuck to a social service like that . Yeah!! I know what you mean I felt the same about many people around me when I was home, but now it has hit me, the reason for such behavior is because of being far away from home and you just need to spend that extra minute on your phone to get those sweet tweets from your loved ones.

Twitter was once accessable only when I used my laptop, not its really useful that I can keep it handy on my phone. Yes now I can chat, share ideas with friends and family. Feel closer to them when I share pictures and view the same from the other end. It helps me keep a smile on my face and relieves me of a feeling of loneliness whenever I’m down. Twitter is a bridge that helps me connect to the happy side of world. If your a person who loves family and friends then this is one app that you must get downloaded immediately. Spread the word and share the joy of “Twitter’s” new app for android.

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