Route 66′s Navigation App Review

Well I’m 25 and I still don’t know my way around, especially if I were to take long drives with my friends. We would be absolutely lost, and finding the way would be a problem in certain areas that are deserted. I do have a personal navigator who sits beside me when I drive with a huge map in her hand, but I would say that her sense of direction always gets us into trouble. Its sometimes fun though, but it starts to bother me every time it gets dark. Sometimes fun can become disastrous you know.

Just a week ago I heard it on the news, that a woman was killed by a person whom she stopped to ask directions to, apparently the guy started to follow her knowing that she was alone and lost. This shook me up a little. I’m not implying that this could happen to everyone, but just that its something that has possibilities of happening. This scared me and I thought to myself, “No more road trips”.

I do love them, but just can’t take the risk. Soon I got to know of the launch of “Route 66′s Navigation App” and being a Motorola user, I was over joyed. I made sure that I downloaded it onto my phone immediately.

The app is absolutely wonderful and very useful as well, the maps are from TomTom’s that has a special twist to it making it stand out from the rest of the navigation apps of the time. They have wonderful features like, tilt and rotate options on the map, and the maps are 3D too making it apt for zooming in as well.

There’s more, you just turn it on and it would start showering you with details like the weather, traffic information that gets you to work on time, landmarks and locations that are linked to Wikipedia, and even if your looking for restaurants or tourist attractions in a particular area, this is the app of choice.

Don’t go away, for the last but the best is the “Follow Me” feature that provides you with a image of a car that travels infront of you on your phone screen. Just attach your phone to your dashboard of your car and you’ll be able to view the road ahead with an car in the picture set it to your desired destination and just follow your companion, you’ll be there in no time. With this new app traveling is going to be fun, easy and safe.

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