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Voice PRO – Edit Your Audio Files and Add Effects to Them

Do you have a great voice? Do you dream of becoming a singing sensation? Like most of the aspiring singers out there, you might need some help with your audio editing. Wouldn’t it be great to own an audio editor that can remove noise, edit, convert your files and give you impressive results? Voice PRO is a new audio editing app that can help you record your music the way you like it. This app is one you should try if you are looking for ways to record your own music.

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What is the app about?

Voice PRO allows you to make the required changes to your records. It offers plenty of choices for audio editing. This app provides many options that let you add background, edit, cut, adjust, remove disturbances and noises and much more. Voice PRO belongs to the music and audio category in the Google Play store.

How does the app work?

You can either select all the records or any one of them to make the changes. Using the voice recorder you can record audio files. You can add real-time background to your tracks by making use of any file that is already stored in your smart device. You can even download an audio file from an online library. As you record, you can also control the background effects using an earphone.

The record list displays various details about the records such as their length, sample rate, dimensions and channels. Using this option you can normalize tracks, change the speed and pitch of audio signals, reduce noise, remove vocals, convert files into different formats (mp3, wav, flac, ogg) and make other changes.

The Edit Records option helps you mix various tracks or background together. It allows you to remove certain portions of the tracks and save them as new files. It also facilitates the mixing of more than two files, recording calls, converting voice to texts and encrypting your records in AES with a 128 byte key. It lets you import and export audio files. There are additional options in the app that allow you to include a home screen widget, duplicate records, delete notes/voice, add/remove bookmarks and much more.

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Special features of the app:

Voice PRO converts audio files of any length into texts in more than 50 languages. You can also insert tags so that you can select the most desired parts of your records at the time of playback. Voice PRO allows you to share your records on Facebook, Twitter and Voice PRO Cloud. It lets you convert YouTube video files to audio format. You can also receive files via Bluetooth and save them directly into the record list. Voice PRO also offers its users 24-hour assistance.

However, the app is not compatible with all devices.

Voice PRO requires Android 2.2 or later versions.

Price: $12.99

Rating: 4/5

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