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MoWeather App Review – Keeping Track On Weather Changes

As its name suggests MoWeather is simply a weather app and it can be very useful and fun to use. It is in fact the best weather app in 2014 out of the series of Android weather apps available becaue many of its users have given it a positive review. It is a great quality weather app with social features that make it more exciting and interesting during use. It features all crucial weather information that is highly likely to interest you especially if you are a traveler or spend most of your time outdoors.

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What The App Does?

MoWeather enables you to experience the weather in a different way. It gives a 15-day forecast to enable you plan your days accordingly. It also gives current temperatures, wind speeds, sunrise and sunset. It is also possible to add all the locations you would love to visit and get all the weather information prior to your visits.

You are also able to get the latest accurate forecasts and plan both your personal and business schedules better. It is also possible to capture and share beautiful weather moments in your location, give a like on your favorite pictures and also virtually shorten the distance to your favorite locations.

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The Features:

This app has a user-friendly setting and a neat layout. You can make a switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius thanks to the customized units. It also contains a real feel temperature, an endless weather picture stream, an auto refresh fifteen-day forecast, a share-friendly function, a moment timeline that is personalized and an all-in-one hub for social sharing. With those features you are able to be informed about the weather and share vital weather information and photos.

How It Works ?

The app has to be downloaded from the Play Store. After launching it, the app will automatically indicate your location in the world. Swiping it up gives you detailed information about the weather in your location. In order to know the wind speeds, sunrise or sunset simply swipes it to the right. In order to switch cities, simply swipe it horizontally.

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The social aspect of the MoWeather allows sharing of weather photos in your current location and sees the weather conditions near you. It is also possible to adjust the settings in the app, tailoring it according to your preferences. You also have the options of plugging in all your favorite social media networks and share your weather photos.

There are a lot of things to like about MoWeather, its modern design and social integration is simply perfect because they give people a chance to effectively connect. You don’t have to always wait for that weather report in order to plan your life, the simple use of this app will tell you all you need to know about the weather in your location and wherever city you want to visit.

Price: Free
Rating: 4/5


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