NOAA Weather Radar & Alerts: Rain or Shine this Weather App’s Got Your Back All the Way

Have you always wanted a weather app that doesn’t only tell you the weather but also gives you a real-time view of the weather affecting your area? Professional-looking weather radars and a highly interactive satellite map are but some of the standout features you’ll get once you give NOOA Weather Radar & Alerts a try.

To say that the information you’ll is complete could prove to be an understatement as you will certainly be given only the broadest and most up-to-date data regarding temperature (current and predicted), probability of precipitation, humidity, wind direction and speed, changes in atmospheric pressure, to cite but a few. Pretty much all the essential information is given, which is why anyone wouldn’t need to look to other platforms just to gain a good overview of the weather in any part of the world with NOAA.

What makes this app all the more valuable are its real-time alerts, though. This is because this aspect pretty much ensures your safety from severe weather conditions wherever you are in the world. All of this information is presented in NOAA’s highly interactive and sophisticated satellite map.

And all the units of measurement that the app uses are the ones that a lot of users won’t find it hard to read. Atmospheric pressure can be presented in inches, mm, mbar, or kPa (it’s up to you!). On the other hand, temperature and distance can be presented in Fahrenheit or Celsius and miles and kilometers, respectively. Wind speed has multiple options as well.

The forecasts, on the other hand, can either be short-term, which connotes a 24-hour period, or long-term, meaning predictions that reach up to 7 days. This applies to any location that you choose on the satellite map. What’s certain is that you’ll be the first one to know if yesterday or 5 days from now would be snowy, stormy, cloudy, or sunny. This is well-complemented by the real-time overlay of precipitation data.

Lastly, the entire interface is customizable as well, with the app allowing you to edit the background map, adjust loop speed of overlay, change opacity, and set the number of frames.

Without a doubt, some of these technologies, especially the animated weather radar are something that you’ll only expect from an actual weather agency. It’s for this reason why NOAA is certainly one weather app worth getting, if you’re a bonafide weather enthusiast or simply want to gain more comprehensive information and alerts regarding weather conditions currently affecting your area. This specific feature is also what makes this weather app completely unique when pitted against others of its kind. With this app, you can certainly skip the weather segment in your local TV news channel for good.

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