Weather Live Free: Real-Time Forecasts Presented in Awesome Weather Panoramas

A lot of weather apps have features that what most would consider as their ‘given’ aspects. For one, you can almost always expect them to deliver real-time weather forecasts. Secondly, they allow you to lookup the current weather conditions in your present area as well as in other parts of the world. Weather Live Free also incorporates such necessary features, but it certainly brings something fresh in the way it is aesthetically presented.

To begin with, you shouldn’t interpret the ‘Live’ attribution in the title of the app as connoting solely to the real-time weather forecasts that it gives. Rather, it’s named as such because of the live weather images that it provides with every forecast it makes. Whether it’s rain or shine, all of it will come alive before your eyes in crystal-clear HQ format.

On the upper left hand corner, the app would display the exact location that you searched for. If, for instance, there is a thunderstorm currently affecting it, the background image would display stellar lightning bolts and forks. Of course, it would also display the fundamental parameters such as temperature (max and min, dew point, and feels like), humidity, the actual weather condition affecting the area, and wind speed, to cite a few.

If you live in the US, know that you can get more detailed information and weather warnings via cloud, rain maps, and satellite of each city and state. You can easily switch from one city to another by swiping left or right. As in most weather apps, Weather Live Free is able to predict the weather up to 7 days in the future. Another safety feature of the app is that it also alerts you of any possible severe weather conditions that are arriving in your area. The warnings are color coded with white being the least destructive and red the most severe.

Personalization-wise, the app is also compliant as evidenced by the plethora of options that the user has when editing its layout and skins. With the help of intricately designed widgets, you can choose how you want your forecast to be presented (concise or detailed) or if you want it to be in a text or encircled format.

Weather Live Free certainly shines with its exquisite customizable layouts. The live wallpapers which work in great synergy with its real-time forecasts of the weather are nothing short of innovative and is a feature that certainly makes this app trump other weather apps. And all of it promptly is presented to you right on your Home screen. What’s sure is that, with this app, you’ll never be able to make the usual alibi of forgetting your umbrella in a sudden downpour.

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