Weatherbug — Forecast & Radar App Review

With almost half a million 5 star ratings at the Goggle Play store, Weatherbug — Forecast & radar is one of the hottest android apps out right now. If you need a forecast for planning your week or a weather report for the day, Weatherbug is probably exactly what you want. By combining a huge network of weather stations, this app allows you to get real time forecasts, detailed interactive radar maps and even in-depth traffic details.

What is It For?

Quite simply, it provides you the user with every piece of information you may need to know about current and forecast weather conditions worldwide. There are 18 animated maps available that can help you focus on the specific information you need, including lifestyle maps, pollen maps and more. It provides weather data for more than 2.6 million different locations worldwide.

Special Features

  • This app is full of not only unique features, but also standard forecast features presented in a more user friendly way.

  • The app is completely customizable. From length of forecast, location and map type, through to specific data sets such as precipitation, humidity, wind chill factors and more.

  • With the Connected Savings feature you can actually make your home more energy efficient. By connecting your smart thermostat, Weatherbug will give you real time information on your energy patterns and usage.

  • You can customize your preferences such as Fahrenheit or Celsius; MPS, MPH, Knots or KPH; inches or millibars and even the interface language.

  • Daily use features can be simplified to include widgets on your landing page or you can set the app for specific alerts over a period of time.

  • Traffic conditions can be checked easily and quickly and can be combined with live Doppler radar information.

  • There are a massive range of features in the Weatherbug app that combine in an easy to use way ensuring you only get the information you really want.

Why is Weatherbug the Best Choice?

Weatherbug — Forecasts & Radar is really the most up to date, comprehensive weather app around. Whilst many apps can provide data on global locations and specified alerts, no other app provides such in-depth interactivity to really customize your usage.

This is the longest running best weather app so you know that the bugs have already been worked out. It is still going strong with millions of users and plenty of updates and new features.

If you want accurate, up to date information in an easy to use interface, then Weatherbug has what you need.

Price: Free

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