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Wide Mouth Frog – An Interactive Storybook App with a Great Message

Storybook apps are designed to teach and entertain children. They take advantage of the touch and motion features of the device and provide interactive stories and learning activities to kick-start your child’s learning. They present ideas in a creative manner to help little ones engage with the content. Wide Mouth Frog is one such storybook app that has bright and colorful images, interesting sound effects, attractive animation and exciting graphics that hold kids’ attention. It will motivate your tiny tot to read and teach him/her to appreciate and enjoy stories (and food!)

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Story of the app:

Wide Mouth Frog is a storybook app that features a frog who does not like to eat bugs. His mother feeds him with bugs all the time (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Fed up, he tries to find out what other animals feed their offspring. He enters a zoo and discovers that all animals do not eat the same food; what is good for some animals may not be good for others.

Working of the app:

When you choose the read to me option, the story is read out to you by a narrator. As the story is narrated, the corresponding words on the screen are highlighted . This option is of great use to kids who are learning to read. Apart from the storybook, the app has got a “Buggy Snacks” arcade game. The game consists of 18 levels of difficulty. All you have to do is help the frog eat bugs, while avoiding the deadly alligators and bombs. Your score depends upon the number of bugs you eat.

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Special features of the app:

Wide Mouth Frog gives you the feel of reading a real book. As you finish the arcade game, a whole new “survival” mode gets unlocked. The app also features a “tadpoles” mode that helps children get the hang of the game. The frog’s antics are very amusing. The background music of the app is realistic. The part where the frog lands in the water with a splash is sure to put a smile on every kid’s face. Other interesting games could have been included so that kids in elementary school can use the app too.

The app comes with a message for picky eaters. It teaches them to appreciate and enjoy the food that they are served, without complaining or throwing tantrums.

Wide Mouth Frog’s beautiful illustrations and rich visuals make it a storybook that kids will want to read again and again. It is a free app that requires Android 2.2 or later versions. The paid version of the app comes ad-free and costs $2.99. The print version of this storybook app is named ‘Wide Mouth Frog Goes to the Zoo’ and is available as an in-app purchase.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5


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