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You Tube Stream App Review

This is a must have for all those music lovers. I’m a person who always likes to have variety, whether its clothes or food or my music, I just don’t know when I might want to listen to a strong, peped up Michael Jackson song or just a bliss of melody. Things change day to day and I’d like my appliances to be able to cater for my tastes at all times.


I do like mp3’s and mp4’s but I do get bored at times listening to the same routine, and when I have the urge to listen to something I must listen to it. There’s no waiting for tomorrow to download and do things like that. The only option would be to have “You Tube” close and handy so I can take it where ever I go. Nothing feels better than listening to music and watching videos on “You Tube”.

The app is actually very efficient, it gives you the chance to search and play videos non stop.You can choose to play videos based on sales ranking, play them off line from cache, which is always the issue with other apps, and you could also play them in the background if you choose to do so. You could like or dislike videos and share opinions. View songs with lyrics and there’s a lot more to it. Words do not always have the capacity to express everything, so you need to check it out for your self to know what I mean.

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