Quency: A Fun Numbers Puzzle App that Provides Endless Challenges and Entertainment

Are you an avid fan of numbers puzzle games like 5 in a Row? Would you like to try out a twist to this classic game that involves other classics like Tic Tac Toe? If yes, then you’ll certainly love Quency in an instant. The game is a heady mixture that tests not only your logical thinking but also your reflexes. Such is the simplicity of the game that it surely won’t take long for you to grasp its general gameplay.

Every game starts with a large board that contains different random numbers or symbols that have equally varying colours. The ultimate goal of every player of the game is to mark all 5 numbers or symbols that are assigned to him at the start of each play-through.

You can’t pay attention solely on the number, though, as you have to be mindful of its respective colour as well. If you got a 6, for instance, and it’s coloured orange, then you’ll only be able to mark solely that number. You only have to tap on the number on your hand and drag it towards the matching number that is on the board. Take note that once you have used a number or symbol, you will be assigned a new one.

The strategy, when playing against either AI or actual players, is to keep your opponent from marking and forming a row of 5 numbers that happen to be in his hand. You can do this by blocking his attempts to make his own formations by marking the numbers adjacent to it with the one that happen to be in your hand.

You’ll be able to ultimately win once you make 2 rows of 5 numbers. That is how simple the game is, but the strategy, planning, and anticipation of every move involved can become very complex, especially if you are pitted against a skilled opponent. Another plus side of the game is that it allows you to compete online against other players worldwide. This is undoubtedly very appealing to people who like to be competitive when it comes these types of challenging games.

The app capitalizes on the minimalism that is found in most arcade games, allowing you to play any number of times you want with the simple tap of a button. It’s also one of the aspects that makes it a whole different beast compared to other puzzle apps. Nevertheless, what really sets it on its own pedestal is its primary concept that mixes Tic Tac Toe with 5 in a Row.

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