Chickku: The App that is a Jack of All Trades and Master of All

Chickku concept

Chickku is an endearing new application that brings together the joys of social interactions on an interactive space which also doubles up as a business haven for sellers to meet potential buyers. Moreover, it also takes on a third role availing all sorts of recommendations on favorite destinations encompassing the best restaurants, hotels, malls etc. In a nutshell, Chickku intertwines the convenience of dating/social app together with the formality of an e-commerce setting as well as an app-esque replica of a reputable review website like Yelp.

App features

The app is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can look forward to the following perks:

• A free social platform that brings together those nearby with similar interests allowing you to easily make friends with special people living right under your nose.

• The capability to buy and/or sell locally at no charge. Chickku helps you steer clear of scams enabling you to set exchange conditions on any and all transactions.

• Local recommendations section where you can give or find recommendations on services or places ranked out of firsthand experiences.

• A Showcase yourself feature where you can put up a dedicated wall page highlighting your place of residence or yourself.

• Updates on upcoming local events that everyone around the town is talking about.

• Promotion alerts that bring you discount offers and deals from local businesses.

• A business page that lets you put out your business providing a platform that enables you to endear yourself with prospective clients in the vicinity.

How it works

The app allows you to switch gears as you please with various optional categories from the home screen allowing Chickku to take on the mantle of your preference. You can choose between one of Social, Promotion, Events, or Recommendation niches among others in which you’ll get a dedicated news feed tailored around the subject matter of that particular field. Each category comes with various navigational buttons to get around that particular group and transact or socialize accordingly.

Why it is a league apart from similar apps

It’s quite unheard of for an app to be categorized as a dating, shopping and review app, and Chickku excellently ventures into unchartered waters seamlessly combining a number of aspects that would otherwise be found on separate apps. It is this convenience- which also extends to the straightforward interface that easily switches between objectives as need be- that sets it apart from apps that could be considered to be in the same category. The numbers speak for themselves here with this hybrid application amassing almost full marks in the reviews it has gotten on both download platforms so far. You need not bog down your smartphone with different applications whose functions can all be meet by the adept multifunctional ingenuity of Chikku.

Price:  Free 

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