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DigiCal – Schedule Your Tasks and Accomplish Them on the Go

Remembering all appointments that we have in a day or week is a tedious job, especially when there are too many on the list. Though most of us make a note of them in our mobile phones, we snooze those reminders at times and end up missing out on a lot of tasks on our agenda. Wouldn’t it be great if this problem could be overcome with a smart tool that could efficiently manage all our activities and help us adhere to our schedules? Yes, an Android app named DigiCal can help you in managing day-to-day appointments, tasks, conferences etc. It has a lot of exciting elements like various types of calendar views, a stylish interface and much more.




What’s the app about?

DigiCal is a productive tool that assists you in organizing all your activities in a day, right from jogging to dinner. You can plan your daily agenda by categorizing events time-wise. The app provides you with useful features to organize the entire week, add new events, manage your agenda etc. The user interface of this Android app is very simple and attractive. The striking feature of DigiCal is that it lets you sync all your events with Google Calendar.




How does the app work?

DigiCal has 5 exciting views – day, week, agenda, month and list view. You need to select any one of the views to get started with the app. All you have to do is tap the ‘add event’ option to include all your events and plan for the entire week or month. You can have a separate title for your event with the location. An interesting feature in DigiCal is the option to add descriptive notes that help in remembering details. DigiCal lets you set reminders for each event in the form of notifications, texts or emails. There is a well-defined editing option in the app that helps you postpone or cancel a meeting/appointment.

Special features of the app:

DigiCal offers great flexibility in scheduling all your tasks as desired. The detailed tutorial in the app helps you explore it without any hassle. The ‘performance’ option in the app allows you to carry out various kinds of tasks like changing the week’s numbering system, editing the events etc. The app provides you with options to choose rest days and fix the weekends, as per your requirements.



You have an option to mark your events with different colors to organize them. The most significant attribute of the app is its integration with Google Maps. This option saves the address of a place into the event automatically, when you input the name of a particular place (cafe, park, store etc). In addition to this feature, if you have Google Now (Android 4.1 and above), the app will guide you to the destination while you travel by indicating the traffic signals that are available on the way. I felt that the widget size could be increased in the next version to view the name of the event clearly. Nevertheless, the app will help you in increasing your productivity and make your smart device even smarter!

DigiCal has a free version and a paid version that costs $4.95. The app requires Android 2.2 or later versions.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

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