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Linpus Weather – Plan Your Day’s Work Based on Weather Forecasts

Imagine yourself planning for a long drive with your friend. You are all excited about it, but just as you step out of your home there is a heavy downpour with thunder and lightning. It’s really an unpleasant feeling. There are times when the weather is bad, affecting your routine and causing interruptions to your plans for the day. These hassles arise when you are not aware of the dynamic changes in weather conditions. To help you in finding a solution for this problem, here is an interesting weather app called Linpus Weather. This Android app forecasts weather conditions and helps you organize your work accordingly. Read on to know more about this app.


What’s the app about?

Linpus Weather is an applicationthat provides forecasts on the weather and helps you schedule outdoor parties, road trips, site visits etc., accordingly. Apart from displaying the weather conditions of the place you live in, this awesome application also provides you with the details of the weather in places nearby. The user interface of the app is well-structured and it has a suitable background.

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How does the app work?

Linpus Weather has 3 tabs namely Current, Lifestyle and Nearby. The Current tab displays the current temperature in Celsius along with the weather conditions of the day, like cloudy, sunny, partly cloudy etc. It also measures the humidity, rain, wind etc. The Lifestyle tab has 3 categories namely Sports, Outdoor and Health. These tabs also display how the weather favors various activities like kite flying, hiking, fishing, a trip to the beach etc. You can find out about the weather conditions in the places around your locality and take the necessary precautions if you are heading outdoors, by making use of the information in the Nearby tab.


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Special Features of the app:

Linpus Weather has a lot of attractive features. The app not only forecasts the weather for the particular day, but for the entire week as well. This is the most useful attribute of the app as it helps you plan your outdoor activities for the week. A map illustrating the changing climatic conditions could have been added to make the app more informative. Apart from this, Linpus Weather is a productive tool that assists everyone in adopting to changing weather conditions.


Linpus Weather is a free app which requires Android 2.1 or later versions.


Price: Free


Rating: 4/5


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