Make Payments with Codes, QR Pal and Your Droid

The combination of smartphones and Quick Response codes has enabled to do things on the go – visiting sites, installing apps and finding products have become easier than ever before. There is a variety of applications available for scanning QR codes. Let me review one today.

QR Code Scanner (or QR Pal) is a latest entry in this area and this handy app combines QR code scanning with mobile payments. It has a standard scanner that can scan QR codes and barcodes and after that this app will do things smartly. If it is an URL, it takes users to the web page after scanning it for safety, for an app, it carries them to the app’s Android Market page and so on.



Users can also make payments or request for payments through PayPal with this QR Code Scanner. It creates dedicated codes for payments. Users need to login to use this app. It saves all their scanned data online and they can get them any time they want, even if they lost their phone. ‘My Wallet’ in the ‘Home’ section holds the data from the previous scans. It classifies them under a wide range of categoriesqr_code_scannerrel=“nofollow”> like Links, Text, Links, Texts, Maps, Videos and Wifi.

QR Code Scanner promotes code scanning and award points every time a user scans the QR code. Developers promise prizes for the top users. QR Pal users can also share the scans with their friends online through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I find this app good and complete in all areas. Interestingly this free app has been downloaded less than 100 times only. It will find some movements in the coming weeks for sure. Version 1.0.7 of QR Code Scanner is compatible with Android 2.1 and up.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/ 5

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