Wobot: Doing Task and Project Management the Right Way

Nowadays, any applicable business that doesn’t make full use of the benefits that project and task management apps bring is bound to fail not long after its conception. This is because if these kinds of apps have features like Wobot, most of the important but nonetheless burdensome and monotonous aspects of your business would simply be addressed with minimal effort from your part.

To say that you can run your business easier with this app may be putting it too simply; it even has a rather simple and straightforward tagline, “Boost Your Business”. Nevertheless, that’s just what you can expect from Wobot once you have learned how it works in general. It capitalizes on four essential aspects of the workplace: simplicity, accessibility, affordability, and adaptability.

What exactly is its approach? Well, it provides you with a number of ready-to-use templates that not only spares you from the hassle of having to design one for your team, but each one is made in such a way that they ensure the optimization of the four factors said above. It also organizes your business by letting you assign tasks and individuals to various categories like Jobs, Employees, and Customers.

You need only to add your team members and employees, and afterwards, you can start assigning tasks to them as soon as they are all set. You can set all the important information for any given job, like date, time, budget, etc. It also lets you organize a task in greater detail by adding steps to it, which greatly assists your employees in finishing their assigned job.

The app isn’t all about task assignment, though, as it also provides a great way for you to track your employee and jobs using various charts. It reveals pertinent information such as job type, location, date task was assigned, and budget, to cite a few. In every job, you can chat easily with your team by tapping on the Comments’ tab. It is designed like any generic messenger, and it allows you to upload different kinds of files as well.

And, Woobot also lets you collect relevant data after a job has ended. How much revenue did you gain? What’s your customer’s feedback on the job done? Want an overview of all the status of every job you’ve assigned? You can expect these questions to be answered in a way that even the most seasoned and fastidious business man would find satisfactory.

Want better interaction with your customers? This can be done easily with Wobot as well, as it lets you send or receive via SMS every information you need from each other like job detail, feedback, as well as invoices which can be automatically generated in PDF format.

Compared to other tasker apps, Wobot most certainly stands out with its no-nonsense delivery of the tools you need as can be readily observed from its highly organized and streamlined interface. Its overall user-friendliness also highlights it as a whole; a factor which is absent in the advanced task management apps out there.

In the end, whether you can manage or develop your business better with this app hinges primarily on how you are going to use it. It takes the liberty in providing you with all the tools you need, and you are given significant freedom to decide on how you’re going to use them, which is just apt for any app that seeks to help business owners and team managers.

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