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Angry Ninja Jumping Bird App Review

A Great Vertical Jumper Game

Arcade games might seem like a straightforward genre, but a lot of times, a special balance of skill, experience and intuition is needed to make a truly great arcade. App Appa is an app development company which possesses all the previously mentioned necessary ingredients. As a veteran in the domain of mobile app development, the company already published many successful games and other applications. Now, they set their sights on an arcade genre and immediately produced a winning app, this time in the form of a game called Angry Ninja Jumping Bird.

A free angry bird ninja game

The app was developed for the Android devices and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play service. It requires and Android operating system 2.2 or a later version and will be equally interesting on tablets and smartphones. The basic concept of this arcade game is a so-called vertical jumper. In it, the players take control of a character in the form of an angry ninja bird, which has to soar into the sky as high as possible. At the same time, it must avoid obstacles like bombs and collect coins and other power-ups to create the biggest possible score.

Even though this concept is very simple, the addictiveness of the gameplay is what hooks the player early one. The game includes a set of features which make the gameplay this interesting. First of all, there is the feature of tilt commands, where the players only need to tilt their device to change the direction of the angry ninja bird and nothing more. These are not just simple, but they are also instantly understandable to anyone who tries to play this game. The feature of a realistic physics setting is also very impressive. With it, the character gains speed after using trampolines scattered through the levels, but then loses it naturally, as if under the influence of the gravitational pull. The feature of game power-ups includes a range of interesting things, all of which will be able to change the dynamic of the gameplay and make it more interesting. For those who love to compete with themselves and others, the game includes an internal memory for ten best scores made by a player, allowing for a number of interesting competitions.

a free iOS game for angry birds ninja

Angry Ninja Jumping Bird has one big advantage when it comes to its competitors. Its graphic environment is both elegant and very readable, which is a key fact for any vertical jumper games. With this app, even when the action becomes frantic like with the use of rockets and other mighty power-ups, the game is easily playable and never becomes hard to follow visually. This is what makes the app better than most of its competition apps.

Using a tried and tested app game genre, App Appa once again created a smash hit that uses a combination of simplicity, playability and visual beauty to create a brilliant mobile device application.

Price: Free

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Overall Score 4.6

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