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Grab The Bugs and Save Your Plants with LilyMaster Android Game!

Lilymaster is a cool android app game that is simple to install, play and enjoy when one is bored and wants to have a few laughs on their android device. With a size of only 10M, it will not occupy too much space on your device, and it has proven quite popular among users interested in an easy to play and enjoyable game.

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It will run on any android 2.2 software and allow you to have many other apps such as music players running in the background. The latest version I am previewing in this article is Lilymaster 1.3.

It is very simple to play Lilymaster. Simply, you have a beautiful garden with nice plants, but there are nasty bugs out to eat them and destroy your garden. All you have to do is grab these bugs and throw them and save your plants. The catch is, you have to work against a time, if the bugs destroy your plants before you catch them, then you lose.

Lilymaster android app has three levels; easy, medium and advanced. The higher the level, the faster the plants will be devoured by the bugs as you try to catch them. I recommend medium if you want a challenge that is surmountable before you get used to it, since easy is too easy even for the beginner. After a while, you can challenge the advanced level and enjoy the stiffer challenge it offers.

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The graphics of Lilymaster a pretty basic, since the app was designed with a view of simplicity and fun, they serve the purpose very well. It also has neat playful music you can turn on and off as you play and a helpful guide to give you tips on how to deal with those pesky bugs as you try to beat your own best score. Lilymaster can be played on any android device that uses the 2.2 software and any later version.

The android app Lilymaster is a pretty neat android app for the gamer who is looking for something fun and enjoyable, that will not stress them as they play. It is relatively easy, and while the graphics may be a little too basic for some, it definitely serves the purpose of offering you something to enjoy in those instances where you are bored but do not want to stress your mind too much with a complicated game.

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Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

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