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Legend Online: Dragons – Enjoy the Clash of Clans on Your Android Device

Numerous mobile apps today are designed for gaming and entertainment. Legend Online Dragons is one of the most downloaded Android apps that offer an exciting gaming experience for every Android device user.

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Legend Online Dragons is the latest SLG/RPG fantasy game. Gamers will be warped to the fantasy world where they will take part in clashes between clans with mythical creatures highlighting the gameplay. The goal is to win against the forces that will go against your own troupe. You will enjoy the whole platform and graphics with this Android app that you can play with daily.


This mobile game offers a range of features that you will certainly enjoy. It flaunts the following to ensure fun and excitement while using your device:
Two Main Gaming Modes: As an RPG game, Legend Online lets you play using PvE and PvP game modes. PvE means Play versus Envrionment, which is similar to playing with your computer. PvP means Player versus Player, which is more exciting since you will clash with another individual who is also playing the game. Try both platforms and see the unique factor both modes offer.
Dominate in Different Battle Modes: Battle modes include Solo Dungeon, Devil City, Group Dungeon, and others. Get a chance to charge with your team and get loots and experience points at the same time.
Three Classes, Hundreds of Skills: Classes complete the team and developers designed each of them to learn numerous skills. Level up and improve your skills to win in the battle.

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Personalize Your Squad like a True Leader: Choosing your warriors is the key to winning against the opponent. After personalizing your character, set your warriors in preparation for the battle. Weaponries and artilleries can also be customized to strengthen your team. Level up and boost your soldiers’ level for good odds in winning.
Expand Your Troupe and Arsenal Faster: Leveling up is faster in Legend Online Dragons. This allows you to expand your team and develop your city faster. Become a legend and formidable group that will win your game.
VIP Privileges: VIPs can buy certain gift packs in the game. These packs will help the players improve their levels faster. Many beginners will love this feature, especially if they want to be competitive in the game soon.

Legend Online Dragons is a remarkable Android app to get if you are into games. Its features will certainly appeal to you and perform well with your device as long as you meet its minimum requirements.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

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  1. Is this game just like Clash of Clans with lots of dragons? Do let me know as I love dragons and that's the thing I miss in COC. Graphics are also looking good through pictures you shared. Thanks for sharing..

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