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Mold on Pizza – Highly Entertaining and Definitely Addictive!

Pizzas are something that people hardly say no to, irrespective of which form they come in! This is particularly true in case of games. If you are looking for a game on pizza for your Android cellphone then you can certainly not go wrong with Mold on Pizza. The protagonist of the game is Pang, who is in love with a pizza. However, things are not very easy for Pang because the preservatives come in between and make things very difficult! This offence and strategy game is quite entertaining and can easily get one addicted in no time.

The main objective of the video is to have Pang and his friends finish eating the pizza before the troops of preservatives wreak havoc on it. The game is kind of challenging too because there are about twenty one different types of mold which appear at different points of time. Moreover, every time you clear a stage, you will be provided with a pickle. You can collect these pickles and swap them in the lab for upgrades which will make your game even stronger and your troops even more impressive! At the end of every theme you will find a difficult preservative boss waiting for you, if you are victorious against these bosses then you can occupy the pizza in question.

One of the best things about this Android game is that you are free to use a game pad if you find it a little too hard. This would allow you to enjoy the game with fellow gamers and help them out too with their progress. With 36 achievements on board, this game is total winner. Moreover, there’s also the PvP or Player Vs Player feature of the game. You can try the game in PvP mode online and battle it out with players from across the world. This makes the game a lot more interesting, not that it wasn’t to begin with! Users having Google TV can also use the PvP mode in order to play the game with a friend. Say hello to some friendly competition!

Mold on Pizza is definitely a very visually-appealing game. There are very little chances of getting bored during the game because there are 192 stages in total, divided into 8 themes! The game also features eight different types of mini-games. Thus, with so much on board, you are certainly in for a good time when you purchase it!

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