Monster Bubbles Curse (Pang) Arcade & Action

Monster Bubbles Curse – Kill The Monsters in a Fun Way!

Monster Bubbles Curse (Pang) is a challenging and unique game developed by Salamantiga for Android. This game has amazing 3D graphics and more than 90 levels that you need to complete.

Monster Bubbles Curse (Pang)

Concept and Gameplay:

The amazing Monster Bubbles Curse is a kind of shooter game, in which the weapon you use will be a magic scepter. What you need to do is correctly aim at the scepter so that the magic projectiles can hit the bouncing bubbles on the screen and pop them. Though this might sound really simple, it really is not. The bubbles will appear on the screen quite a distance away, so you, as a player, will have to think quite ahead and aim for the place where the bubbles are likely to bounce.

There are four type of scepter spells for you to choose from, magic arrow, fireball, thunder and frozen wind. In certain levels you will be able to pop bubbles using certain spells only, so you have to be careful while using the spells.

You also need to give attention to your power and health bar. As you see the bubbles creeping down on the field towards you, try to pop them before they get way too close. You will lose hit points if you are hit by a bubble, and once your hit point becomes goes down to zero, your game ends. If you find yourself in trouble you can use one of the instant spells to get out of any jam.

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As far as the graphics is concerned, Monster Bubbles Curse is quite simple and easy on the eyes, the gameplay is smooth, and you will not have trouble playing even with the screen having bouncing bubbles everywhere.

The background music of the games is quite nice, in particular the loud music of the drums beating adds to the adrenaline rush.

Though learning to aim at the scepter properly can take some time, once you do that you will definitely enjoy playing.


In the Monster Bubbles Curse you have 99 levels to complete, with each level being harder than the earlier one. Moreover, new type of bubbles will appear in higher levels, and you will have to adjust your strategy to make sure you defeat them.

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On completing levels, you will earn credits, and you can use them to purchase more instant spells and also scepter upgrades from the Monster Bubbles Curse shop.


You can download Monster Bubbles Curse for free by visiting the Google Play store, and you can also purchase credit packs using real money. Monster Bubbles Curse without doubt is an addictive new game, and will be loved by anyone who is looking for some challenging and fun game.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

Download from Android Market

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