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Scream Puppy: Guide Your Dog through Various Levels with The Power of Your Voice

Arcade games are already plentiful enough as it is, which is why if new ones are to outshine their predecessors, drastic and highly original concepts would have to be incorporated into them. It’s no wonder then that the Play Store is becoming a hub for developers that exercise their creativity to the fullest. One of the best examples of a highly innovative arcade game is Scream Puppy.

Even if you consider its title, not a lot of users would probably be able to guess what the app is all about. With the appending of the phrase voice control’, though, it becomes apparent that the app really seeks to give an entirely new experience to gamers while capitalizing on gameplay that is already familiar to majority of them, regardless of age and generation.

The overall goal of players of this game is simple enough. You have to guide the dog that you are controlling so that he’ll be able to move and jump on top of cliffs, while making sure that he doesn’t end up falling into the water. This simplicity is typical in most arcade games. However, for all its seeming straightforwardness, the app is made unique by requiring players to use their actual voices to control how far the dog should move or high he should jump.

In fact, the game bases all these movements on the volume of sound that issues from the player’s mouth. Speaking lowly and softly would cause the dog to move forward. If you suddenly punctuate it with a shout, scream, or yell, though, then the dog would (in seeming reaction to the loud sound) immediately jump high. As said above, you would have to exercise control over the loudness and quietness of your voice if you want to successfully guide your dog over the watery depths and have him successfully traverse various levels that really call to mind the classic arcade setting.

It does not take long for new users to realize the single aspect that makes Scream Puppy stand out. Not a lot of arcade games have integrated voice control technology in such a way as this app has. More often than not, the technology only serves as secondary, auxiliary role. To incorporate it in such a way that it becomes the sole way in which you can control your digital puppy makes it very fresh and challenging to even those arcade game players who can confidently boast that they’ve played it all.

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