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Super Bounce Ball Maze: The Twist You Need in Your Standard Puzzle Game

Super Bounce Ball Maze might readily reveal what kind of game it is with its straightforward name, however, most players would probably be surprised by its gameplay once they’ve given it a try. Amidst its minimalistic 2D graphics and designs as well as its easy-to-understand mechanics, this app game is a great way to have fun while exercising your mind in your process.
Your task in the game is to get the rolling yellow ball with a happy face to come in contact with the red flag found in every stage that you have to finish. The game doesn’t have a ready tutorial about controls; nonetheless, it’s not too hard to get the hang of controlling the ball. Keep in mind as well that you can’t cause the ball to jump.
Think of it like driving a vehicle. Each time you tap and hold the left or right side of the screen, the ball moves and accelerates towards the direction that you tapped or held. Of course, keeping your finger pressed would mean that the ball would only accelerate further. If you want to brake, you only need to tap and hold your finger towards the direction that is opposite of the one the ball is currently going.
As in most puzzle games that require you to finish one stage first before progressing, you can only expect the later stages to become harder. And with the absence of a jump button, it could become quite hard indeed. For instance, some stages have moving ledges, spikes, slopes, and spiked balls. These obstacles would often require you to exercise proper anticipation, speed control, timing, and decision-making. If you’ve made a mistake or are stuck, you can press the reset button to start over.
There are achievements that you can unlock that give you XP for your Google Play account, and if you’re the competitive type, you’ll be delighted to know that the app also has a global leaderboard. The app is very original as it has mixed game concepts that are not often fused together. You can expect nothing less from a hybrid puzzle game though.
The ball is bouncy yet the utter lack of a jump button in a game filled with spikes and ledges is proof enough of just how unique this platform puzzle game is. And it’s these very characteristics that serve to make it a diamond among the multitude of dull rocks of puzzle apps available in the Play Store nowadays. The stages are creative, and some could prove to be a real challenge for even the most adept puzzle gamers out there.

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