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Tilt the Device, Catch the Balls and Win Hybrid

Android Market has been witnessing the arrivals of some interesting games over the past few weeks. Some of them are easy to play and have engaging concepts to keep users tied to it. Moreover thehybrid-screenshotrel=“nofollow”> great news is, many of them are available at free of cost. Of course there will be ads. I tried one latest Android game recently and let me review it today.

Hybrid is an interesting Arcade & Action game, where the challenge lies in guiding the big, tranhybridrel=“nofollow”>sparent ball towards the other small balls to catch them. This app uses accelerometer to allow users to guide the transparent ball by tilting the device. To make things a bit more interesting, all the balls are in movement and the users need to catch them with the transparent one before time runs out.

Hybrid can be played by anyone who is interested in this type of games. It has few easy controls, but reaching the high score won’t be a joke, as it allows users to compare their scores with the global high scores. Users can see the available time ticking at the middle of the screen and the score will be displayed at the top. User intehybridrel=“nofollow”>rface is the area where developers need to concentrate I think. It is easy to use, but not attractive. They can spice things up with some attractive clocks or score boards. Otherwise, the users may feel boring after playing Hybrid for a few times.

Apart from this small downside, Hybrid looks to be a good app. I tried this game for a few times and didn’t find any bugs. This is a great news for a first version. As I said, Hybrid is a free app and it requires Android 2.1 and up to run.

Rating: 3.5/ 5

Price: Free

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