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WaterBall Android App: A Game That’s Never Boring

One of the latest and most distinguished games for Android users, WaterBall is a simple game that requires both coordination and mental acuity. The whole purpose of the game is to navigate a beach ball through a maze that changes with every level.

WaterBall Game for Android


What makes this app unique is that the maze is littered with pitfalls, blocks, and traps that require you to utilize what’s available to get past the vertical maze. Unique elements like hoses, flower pots, and bricks are pitted against ball and it is actually impressive how the beach ball reacts to the many obstacles. Unlike other games with unbelievable movements, the physics of this game is perfect, allowing you to accurately predict how an item would work for or against you even if you are encountering it for the first time.

An addictive game, you can experience a level up, collecting tokens for the ball to change in appearance, allowing you to get past certain obstacles without damage. You can turn into an iron and smash past the bricks, float on water, use hoses as a sprinting post, and more.


With a rating of roughly 4 stars out of 5 and having approximately 5,000 installs, the WaterBall app boasts of the following features:

• Incredibly fun to play, the navigation system for the ball is straightforward.
• As of last update, there are 110 levels in Waterball, allowing you to play as much as you like.

• The graphics are good and easily distinguished.

• The sounds are engaging and spot on.
• The puzzles engage not just the dexterity of your hands but also of your mind. Well-thought of obstacles keep you guessing even as you advance from one level to the next.
• Local high scores are available, promoting some healthy competition among players.

Android WaterBall Game App

Usability and Performance

Compatible with all 2.3 and up Android devices, the game runs smoothly, no lags or freezes in between levels. The file has a size of 6.1M and updated fairly recently, smoothing out all the bugs that other users have noted.


Incredibly easy to use, WaterBall features a smooth and colorful design that is very engaging to players. The ball movement is fluid and the coding of the game results to a seamless change from one frame to the next, even as you advance to the higher levels.

All in all, the WaterBall app is an excellent addition to your Android games collection. The kind of game you can play for hours, Waterball provides the opportunity to exercise your mind even as you stay entertained. Small in size, Android users shouldn’t worry about the game taking up space.

Price: Free
Rating: 4.5/5

Download from Android Market

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