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Zombie Combat – The Ultimate Game to Play this Halloween

One of the biggest lores in history would be the existence of flesh-eating zombies. The most interesting thing about zombies is that, through different scientific approaches or through sickness and disease, the phenomenon of them waving to all corners can actually become possible. Anyway, it’s the Halloween season again — and if you’re a gamer, perhaps Zombie Combat would be the newest thing worth trying.

Android Zombies Game

Introducing the Hottest Zombie Game in Town:

Are you ready for the apocalypse? Well, if you’re still on the process of getting there, Zombie Combat should make the best prepping material. Since simulations are very expensive these days as they have always been, a handheld application is always the most convenient alternative. With the app featuring a sleek gameplay, where you have to dash your way, gunning down to slay hordes of zombies, the adrenaline rush will totally be at a high.

Features of the Game:

The game has awesomely vital features to definitely check out!

* Powerful Weapons – Everyone has their fair share of preferences. The most effective weapon is always adherent to what you find easy to mount. In Zombie Combat, you can find yourself backed with a fully loaded arsenal. Get to use the weapon of your choosing: pistol, spread shot, flame thrower, laser gun, and an army rifle. Do you want to be the king of zombie destruction? Then the Bazooka should be your choice.

* Earn Gold Coins for Upgrades – There’s always a price to pay for the things we want the most. Good thing Zombie Combat gets you to earn money during the process of zombie killing. With the gold coins you obtain, buy weapons and upgrade what you see fit to upgrade.

Halloween Games for Android


* The Ultimate Sidekick – Yes, you read that right — you are allowed to have a sidekick. In the case of this game, you get to choose from a cool line up of pets! As the saying goes, pets will never leave you, even in a land flooded by creatures of the grave.

* Unlock Maps – Sooner or later, you have to move on. As you beat a level, you get to unlock a new one. Get different feelings from different places. Fend off zombies by the ancient volcanoes, a dismally rainy forest, the swirling sands of the desert, the metro of Pinnadon City and a lot more.

In addition, you get to control a rad looking professional zombie slayer. But always be careful, because his faith lies in your hands. Get this Android app now and feel the Halloween spirit direct from your phone.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

Download from Android Market

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