Hello Bakers! Script Your Success With Bakery Story!

This is a fun game to play I must say, it has me glued to it. The game is very interesting with all its features being so inviting. Well you get to cook a lot of bakery stuff for your customers, save up some points and build your self a nice bakery with all that added accessories that you need to make your bakery a lot more pleasant for your customers.


Its more like a little tea party that your throwing for your customers, the only difference is you no longer need your little friends to join you to play, you can have fun on your own and win points and buy Gems, that help you walk up the ladder making you grow a lot faster.

The food that you cook would be cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and more and the beverages and the drinks that you’ll serve are coffee, teas, love potions and plenty more. And as you go higher and higher through the games crossing the different levels, you’ll be able to unlock more varieties in food and drink making the game even more fun.

So try it out, and have even a lot more fun having competitions with your neighbors, yes! you could also invite your friends to be your neighbors by creating an account through Storm 8, expand your bakery and accessorize even more and have the best time of your life playing “Bakery Story”. Play and Enjoy!!!



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