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Brainy Guy? Try Brained Lite

As I have mentioned in my previous reviews, I love puzzles. However, some of them would really tease you to play with your patience. Today I am going to review an app of this kind.


Brained Lite is one interesting puzzle app that has some real hard puzzles to solve. It has a number of levels and I tried only the first three out of them. Reason – I don’t know how to cross the third level. Is it really that hard? Yes. Let me explain the situation in the first level. This app asked me to tap the right spot and presents a map with several ‘x’ marks.


It also gave a hint – “It’s not on the left… or top…. or bottom…”. I tried the ‘x’ mark in the right hand site. However, it didn’t help me. Thanks to the guy who raised the same issue in the app’s Android Market page and the guy who clarified it. The actual spot is outside the map. Thereforbrained_lite_logorel=“nofollow”>e, I managed to cross that level. I think the second level is a bit simpler. It is all about tapping the right color. It showed names of the colors in a different color. That is, the word blue is displayed in green color and the user needs to pick the green, not the blue.

The third level – “Don’t catch all the spots” was the one where I couldn’t find any clues. I tried all the tricks I know, still I failed repeatedly. Never mind, let me look at the other side of the app. Generally when a user wants to exit from the app, he would use the arrow button at the bottom of the screen. However, this technique won’t work with Brained Lite, as the user needs to press the Home button to visit the home screen.

I find Brained Lite a real tough app to handle. However, if you are a puzzle lover, you can give it a try.

Rating: 2.5/ 5

Price: Free

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  1. Michelle

    Hi I have both hrained and brained lite im playing brained lite I have solved level ten but am not able too go too level 11 can u pls tell me how

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