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Can You Win the Numbers War in this Fun Math Action Game?

Who would have thought that math and action games can be combined seamlessly in a mobile game? Indeed, Attack Numbers is solid proof of this. In this game, you are tasked to solve simple addition and subtraction problems in a war-like setting that involves cannons and missiles and hordes of numbers being thrown your way.

The game is simple enough to understand for the average child and adult. Though it’s quite apparent that the Attack Numbers tailors more to schoolchildren who mean to hone their basic math skills while having a lot of fun in the process.

As said above, the game is essentially a battlefield of numbers. There are three main modes that you can choose. You can focus either on addition or subtraction only or a mix of both. Once you choose Addition, Subtraction, or Random in the main menu, you will immediately be taken to a 3D pseudo-realistic battlefield complete with plains, trees, and mountains on the background.

It’s necessary for you to tilt your phone horizontally to get the best view of the entire battlefield. This is because this is the only way for you to always be fully aware of the numbers that you need to hit and the cannonballs that you need to counterattack, which will be expounded on later.

Instead of soldiers charging towards, you will instead be up against numbers that gradually reveal themselves from the thick forest before you and start moving towards you. Take note that you can’t just start casually hitting them with your available missiles. You always have to pay attention to the current math equation that you need to solve that will always be displayed on the top portion of the screen.

The equation will immediately reveal the solution. Your task is to find the number that will make the equation correct, whether it’s addition or subtraction. Once you do, you have to hit that number with your missile. The farther the number is from you, the more points you’ll get once you hit it. That’s practically how you earn points in advance in levels in the game.

As said above, it’s not just the numbers that you have to be aware of. You also have to be very vigilant about the cannonballs that your enemy will hurl your way. You have to be quick and reflexive in destroying them with your own missiles. Getting hit by them will result in the deduction in your total score. Your total score, in turn, determines your advancement in level. As in any game, the more you advance in level, the more challenging the game becomes. The numbers and missiles begin to move faster, necessitating the need to exercise more of your reflexes and quick thinking.

All in all, the game certainly successfully combines two fields (education – specifically math – with action) that you normally don’t expect to be mixed. The fact that it is able to make this work is what gives the game value and what makes it unique. It encourages brain training for just about anyone, with a specific focus on elementary arithmetic while offering limitless fun for lovers of shooting games.

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