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Keep Challenging Your Mind: WiTZ Turf Free App Review

If you are a board game fanatic who gets a thrill out of constantly challenging your brain, then this is the app for you. This app boasts a 5 star rating and will continue to grow as gamers learn of the challenge. 

WiTZ Turf Free by Curious Solutions is a free brain jarring adventure available in on your Android device in the play store. Download this app for free and begin the challenge immediately.

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Your ability to strategize will be tested. Your ability to think ahead of the game will be tested. You will feel overwhelmed at time and feel you’ve reached your limit. But a true gamer will welcome such a challenge. As a matter a fact, a true gamer will thrive off such a challenge to only work harder. 

You will enjoy the many game plays and options. This app has truly made its mark on the world of digital game boards. So much so, over 3000 gamers have already begun enjoying this app and the demand is growing by the minute.

You can’t expect to come into this board game with an attitude of mastery due to mastering similar games. If so, you will be disappointed. Instead, this game is tough to master. The coloring is familiar and simple. You will recall the square board, the setting with four diagonal disc of 2 colors.

Here are additional features you are sure to enjoy with this challenging, tough to master app:

* 5 different board sizes to accommodate your preferences (5×5-9×9)
* Over 300 starting positions you can configure to fit your preferred board size
* Less challenging levels to help you enjoy the app before you embark upon mastery
* Invite your friends to play along in 2 player mode
* The visuals are easy on the eyes as are the sounds
* Receive assistance with moves legally
* Make a wrong move and undo without penalty
* Keep track of your success by watching the leader board

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If you are up for the challenge and desire mastery level, here’s what you need to do:
* Requires downloading the full version of the app
* Enjoy 3 difficult levels to help you slowly become a master
* 10 different board sizes to accommodate your preferences (5×5 – 14×14)
* Unlimited start positions

For the WiTZ Turf master, you will have a chance to compete in the WiTZ Grand Master championship. This is available to WiTZers around the world!

Many gamers are loving this app. Here’s what they are saying and here’s what you will soon embark upon:

* This is a fantastic app.
* Brilliant, brain challenging app.
* My brain hurts, but it’s all worth it!

Price: Free (Paid version also available at a cost of $0.99)

Rating: 4/5

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