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Let’s Fold Origami Collection – App Review

Let’s Fold Origami Collection is a special kind of origami art app which challenges you as the player to figure out how you can fold different paper animals on their own. The app has 26 origami puzzles which increase with difficulty as you progress. You are required to fold an origami paper to exactly match shapes which are marked by a white dotted line.

In the first level, you will be introduced to the gameplay itself. You will be required to drag a single corner of the paper onto another in order to create a fold. You are free to create a fold of your desired size, form or even direction by simply holding your finger till you get the perfect fold. You can always tap the Undo button in case you are not satisfied with your fold. Despite the fact that this game is quite a tricky one, it can be played by kids aged 4 and above since the controls are intuitive, hence requiring minimal effort to master.

Let's Fold Origami Collection for Android       Android Let's Fold Origami Collection Puzzle

You’ll be required to build specific characters following the dotted white line in every level of the game. You can fold the paper however you like, provided you achieve the result. However, you have to bear in mind that you have a limited number of folds you are not supposed to exceed. In case you are unable to solve the puzzle in any constraint, you can always tap the Retry button to restart the game. Upon completion of a puzzle, the game will award you with a score depending on the effort you used. For you to unlock the next nine levels, you must solve the first nine with a 100% perfect shape.

You should not worry about getting stuck in the puzzles since the game allows you to Undo and even reset multiple times. You are free to replay any level as many times as you wish until you are able to solve it. Three hints to revealing folding moves are provided within the app. You may also opt to purchase more hints within the app if you deem it necessary. However, it is possible to complete all levels without making any use of the hints.

Some puzzles may be much trickier than others because you’ll be given limited folds. Let’s Fold has a user-friendly interface through which you can navigate without any troubles. It is one of the perfect hobby/mind-engaging games your kids can indulge in. There is nice background music which will encourage you to play more for a long time without getting bored. The game is absolutely free to download from Google PlayStore.


It is quite easy to play but will require high level of mastering. There is a wide range of colorful origami characters and themes from which you can select the one you like. You will be awarded with a certificate of mastery which you can share with your friends. This is the perfect craft game for people who love challenging themselves with various mind-engaging tasks.

Price: Free
Rating: 4.5/5

Download from Android Market

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