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Mark My Words Free – Find Out Who Said It!

Are you tired of playing games with words and numbers? What do think about trying a quiz that is filled with a lot of quotations and sayings? Sounds exciting, right? Yes, “Mark My Words Free”, is one such challenging app that contains various types of extracts taken from well-known books. This app will make you put on your thinking cap and rack your brain for answers!

What’s the app about?

Mark My Words Free is a complete quiz game that consists of more than 750 quotations based on life, effort, success and much more. The app helps you learn about great legends like Warren Buffett, Valentino, Winston Churchill, Jay Leno etc. Mark My Words Free consists of plenty of familiar (and not so familiar) maxims and belongs to the Brain and Puzzle category in the Google Play store.

Mark My Words

How does the app work?

Mark My Words Free provides you with a variety of quotations in each level. You will get a display board that contains a quote and 4 small tabs which provide you with the names of various personalities. Out of the 4 options you will have to choose the right one. Remember, finding the right answer is not an easy job. Securing the highest score requires a lot of concentration and effort. To help you in finding the right answer, the app gives you 4 clues for each quote, like “He was a vegetarian for humanitarian reasons.”, “He never smoked.”, “He was considered to be a talented musician.” etc.

Mark My Words

Special features of the app:

I came across some interesting sayings like “Price is what you pay, value is what you get.”, “Forgive your enemies but never forget their names.” and “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” Mark My Words Free has 3 types of background music, which make the game all the more exciting and enjoyable. The simple tutorial option in the app explains the game in detail. The concept of the app is innovative and enticing. As it has a large collection of quotes, it has high replay value and something new to offer each time you play it. The app’s UI has been designed well. What I found a bit disappointing is that the app does not provide the correct answer when the player makes a wrong choice and just moves on to the next question. An option to share questions in social media could have also been added, to allow you to take the help of friends and relatives.

Mark My Words Free is great tool to keep your brain busy all the time. The app has a paid version that costs $2.99. It requires Android 2.2 or later versions.

Price: Free


Rating: 4/5


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