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Number Play FREE – Honing Your Mathematical Edges The Awesome Way Around!

Math doesn’t suck. It’s people who suck at it. They say math is hard, math is boring, and math can be anything but rainbows and unicorns. “Number Play FREE” comes to prove that wrong.

Number Play FREE

What is Number Play FREE?

Behold, a new creation that will change your perception on math. Out of the negative connotations, and into the math-is-fun club. This game lives to prove that math is cool and you can learn to score an big A in a really awesome way. To answer the question, Number Play FREEis a truly unique and addictive game that will help boost one’s mind for the algebraic field. It is not only educational, but also goes the extra mile by endowing a good amount of entertainment to its player, especially the kids who are not growing any younger, of course!

Key Aspects of the Game:

Number Play FREE has been devised to improve your mental mathematics skills and numerical sense. It is a totally effective brain enhancer that is packed with loads of fun. While the game comes off very light, it can be deeply impacting by inducing quick mental functionality to its player, making it a must have for those who seek to sharpen their mathematical edges. 

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Goals to Meet:

Number Play FREE is made for all level players. As the player, you are to touch even numbers that end with 0, 2 and all the way to 8. To cut long story short, “Multiples of 2.” Hitting other numbers will be considered as Bad Hits on you. So basically, you have to be attentive, alert and quick in responding to avoid Bad Hits from happening. While it may seem easy on the surface, in all honesty, it’s not. Then again, you can try certain modes of playing, drift into 6 amazing worlds or game types, over 240 levels to beat, get to activate the functional processes of your brain on various worlds, and a lot more!

Get to play this Android app for free now. It’s right about time to hone that mind for real math minus the boredom, and only the fun mixed with intricacy that you will definitely look for again and again!

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

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