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Shape the Skills of Your Kids – Babys Shape Puzzle Lite

Android Market has races and adventures and also has some good apps for very young kids. These apps are engaging and help them develop their motor skills.


Babys Shape Puzzle Lite is a simple to play game for pre-school childrbaby_shape_puzzlerel=“nofollow”>en. As the name tells, it is a shape puzzle. In the screen, outline of an object or an animal will be given and the kids have to arrange the scattered parts inside the outline. There will be a variety of outlines like car, insect and octopus and it will be real learning experience for the kids.

There are six different levels of difficulties and users can  change the background colors if they want. This game is challenging, but not too challenging. The idea is good and the graphics and UI are decent. For a kid, Babys Shape Puzzle would definitely baby_shape_puzzlerel=“nofollow”>provide a fun and entertaining experience.

This Lite version has 40 puzzles and if you can spend US $1.99, you can get a pro version with 100 puzzles. I think the developers can make this game more impressive by giving the name of the objects (or animals) for each puzzle. The current version of this app is and it requires Android 1.5 or up.

Rating: 2.5/ 5

Price: Free

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