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Squeeze Your Brain With Lexulous

About The App

Lexulous is developed by RJ Softwares. This is an online crossword puzzle game.


Inside The Game

When you tap open the game, you land in the home screen where there are three options. First one is to sign in with your Facebook account, the second option is to sign with your email and the last option is to play the game offline. Once you sign in with Facebook you can play  as many number of games you want with as many number of people you want in your Facebook friends list, who play this game. You also have the have the help and setting in the top right corner in the home page.


The Gameplay

In the game you need to begin the first word from the center of the board, and tap play in order to submit the word. Then the opponent will play. For your each move you will be getting some points/score. The objective of the game is to form words using the letters shown in your board. And you should get the maximum points by placing the letters in the squares that has the highest value. You win the game if you score the highest point. If you use 8 tiles to form a word then you will get 50 points as bonus, and will get 40 points if you for 7

The new word must be formed either horizontally or vertically. Words should not be formed diagonally. You can zoom in on the board by double tapping on it. There are cells named ‘2W’/ ‘3W’ these will double & treble your score. In the same way there are ‘2L’/ ‘3L’ cells which will double or treble your points if letters falls on it. Each player should make a move within a period of 14 days. After you enter the play mode you will find the ‘Play’,’Swap’,’Pass’,’Shuffle’ and ‘Recall’ buttons in the bottom of the screen. Once you have placed the tiles you need to press the ‘Play’ button to submit the word. If you feel its difficult for you to form a word then you can exchange your tiles by pressing the ‘Swap’ button. If you feel you can’t make a word and want to pass on your turn to your opponent then press the ‘Pass’ button. Suppose it might be hard to guess a word with the current order of letters then you need to press the ‘Shuffle’ button. If you have placed a word and you feel that’s not good then you can press the ‘Recall’ button to get them back to the rack.

This app has good user friendly interface and help section for new beginners. It will also be helpful for kids to improve their vocabulary. I give 4.8 out of 5 for this app.

Price: Free


Rating: 4.8/ 5


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