Tap To The Top Lite Android Brain & Puzzle

Tap To The Top Lite Will Bring Your Fingers to Glow and Your Brain to Burn!

Android apps provide plenty of features to its users that improve the usability of their smartphones and to enhance their ability to have fun while using their devices. Tap To The Top Lite is an Android app that offers an excellent level of casual gaming experience to its users. This review would do in-depth analysis of this app to determine what makes it so popular among many Android smartphone users.

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This is an innovative game that is easy to understand and simple in play. It takes mobile gaming to the next level and intrigues your mind when you play it. When you start playing this game you are shown a number on the screen of your mobile, you have to put the same number of fingers on the screen. If you do that you earn points, but if you put less or more fingers on screen you will lose points. Once done, the next random number appears and the game continues.

Main Features:

* There are four different difficulty levels which are: Easy, Moderate, Hard, and Extreme.
* There is an option to play many Quick games or you can choose from the six missions.
* Apart from numbers there are different shapes of pointers that are shown when you are playing.

This game is simple to play and anyone can start playing it easily in few minutes, but its simplicity doesn’t mean that it’s easy to play and score points. You need plenty of concentration, speed, and control to get good score in this game. The response time of this game is good and it doesn’t hang even if your speed of response is fast. The user experience is good and moving through various options is easy. Multiple difficulty levels makes it suitable to play for different age groups of players, it also provides plenty of scope to improve your skills in this game.

Improves Speed and Skill:

This game has a simple interface, but to create a good score while playing this game you need to have good response time, superb concentration, and excellent control. You will not have these skills right away, but you would start developing them with help of this game, and this would help you in using other apps in your smartphone.

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Many Options:

This game is easy to understand and simple to play, which makes it suitable for all age group of players. There are different difficulty levels that makes it more challenging. There are six different missions to choose from.


Tap To The Top Lite is an game that gives a great way to spend some casual fun time on your smartphone, and it binds you with its gameplay and innovative design.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

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