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The Simple Brain Teaser Game:”Brainer – enhance your memory”

You might be in need of a game that enhance your thinking capacity and prompt your brain into action. This Android app; Brainer – enhance your memory is one of its kind which can perfectly meet such needs and preferences. Created with utmost simplicity, the game is meant to boost someone’s critical way of thinking and be able to come up with conclusive, rational decisions besides improving the ability of reasoning and grasping concepts.

It is apparent that a normal person has the ability of memorizing about seven numbers in total, which in reality may seem to be few. But with consistent playing of this game, it unveils the potential of someone’s capability in not only understanding the game, but also committing the brain to think in a tremendous manner.

Brain Memory Test App Game

As the game advances, it requires much of commitment and full focus in order to solve the puzzle; the player is expected to concentrate maximally so as to move to the next level. The more entertaining and interesting it continues to be, the more challenging it becomes.

The game has inbuilt features that enhance its operations. Here are some of them:

1. Tracking of latest scores with the Leaderboard

The scoreboard is one of the features that will be showing the ranking in terms of the current scores attained. This game will allow the top three highest scores to be displayed after finishing the game. This will be absolutely essential in facilitating how one has performed and progressed in relation to the results against the competitor. This will also clearly determine whether to move on the next level or not.

2. It uses Icons only

The game is designed in a manner that anyone can easily play regardless of their language. By opting to use the icons, this makes it easy to understand its techniques and thus enjoying the game with little struggle.

3. An opportunity to repeat a Failed Level

With the friendly nature of this app, the player can be able to replay a particular difficult level that at first trial was hard to pass. The game offers ample chance to ensure the player advances to the next level.

Random Number Memory App

4. Tutorial Guidelines which are Engaging

The game offers a chance to undertake the player through a series of steps and the rules of the game. This will thus provide a clear insight as one starts to play and unravel the puzzle of the game.

The game ideally deals with a sequence of digits or numbers. It prompts one to understand different patterns of numbers and solve them. The game has the ability to recall a wide range of numbers and as one plays, the brain should try and remember as many numbers as possible and in the right manner so as to solve the puzzle and be crowned the winner. It is indeed a simple and fascinating game to engage the brain with.

Price: Free

Rating: 4.6/5

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