Try Out Your Luck and Card-Shedding Skills in this Challenge-Packed Trick-Taking Game

Card games are one of the oldest forms of entertainment known to man. Much of why they’re so popular hinge on the simplicity of their mechanics, which give plenty of opportunities for re-playability and competition. All the more so if there is a certain degree of luck involved, which is almost always the case. In the mobile app game BAM!, you can expect the same fundamental aspects that will guarantee that you’ll get hooked in no time.

Once you start the app, you are taken through a short and informative tutorial on how the basics of the game work. You are pitted against an AI player and will be given a random hand for every round. The game adapts the level-advance paradigm in its gameplay, so you have to beat the level you are currently in progress. BAM! is all about winning the most rounds in a single level.

BAM! requires players to deal the card from their hand that is, as much as possible, higher than the card that their opponent dealt or will deal. It incorporates the standard card hierarchy in most card games, where the Ace is the highest while 2 is the lowest. All four card groups are included. Only one card can be dealt at a time and the one who deals first is determined by the winner in the previous deal. If you get the most wins in a round of 6, you get the coins indicated in the pot.

In every round, a trump card symbol would be indicated. This card can win against any card regardless of its rank, as long as it goes against a card with a different symbol. However, if your opponent uses another trump card against it, the rank of the card would have to be considered. There is certainly a high degree of luck involved in BAM! as there is no way of knowing what cards you will get in your hand as well as that of your opponents. However, it does test your instincts and your skill in card-shedding.

Other game modes also ensure that you’ll get varying bonuses and challenges as you use the app. For instance, you can opt to disable trump cards altogether or take part in timed games. Another future feature that a lot of people are excited to get is Player Versus Player, and it’s only a matter of time before it would get implemented.

BAM! surely has a lot in common with other card games but it is able to stand out with its own mechanics. Overall, it is able to provide a unique form of entertainment that can only be enjoyed in a good game of cards. With its numerous levels and future updates, it’s bound to become an app that would be hard to put down, especially for card game enthusiasts.

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