Rescue Beary; The Enthralling Adventure Game you Won’t Get Enough Of.

Rescue Beary Concept:

Beary is the adorable character that gamers get to play as who is stranded within endless backdrops of idyllic waters after a plane crash at sea. The goal of the game is to get Beary back to dry land thereby undertaking an adventure punctuated by all sorts of dangers including whirlwinds and sharks. Levels are made up of different log-riddled passageways across which you are required to get him safely using limited moves.

Game features:

Rescue Beary is most notable for its Caribbean-esque setting that makes for pleasing viewing. Besides the picturesque backdrop, the game also has the following features:

i) Brain-teasing levels instigating critical thinking to get around danger-filled courses.
ii) Offline playability that- unlike most of its counterparts- doesn’t lock out or limit important features.
iii) A trio of fish types that players need to collect to amass refill the character’s energy levels.
iv) Lovable cartoony aesthetics that appeal to your inner child
v) Controls that are simple yet challenging
vi) Bombs, ropes among other bonus accessories which avail special moves.

How to play the game

Rescue Beary is somewhat of a cross between puzzle and adventure niches with the primary gameplay based on an effective water physics concept. As highlighted above, the objective of every level is to complete the mapped out courses via the use of tap-triggered ripples to sway the character in one direction or the other as the course dictates. Special game accessories pack more punch than standard moves and can you help you get around particularly tricky obstacles.

Feeding is also on the agenda as you maneuver your way to the finish line given Beary’s energy diminishes as you play. There are also treasures within the playground for the taking if you can manage to sneak in past pacing sharks. Should you fail to complete the level- e.g. a shark gets to you or when moves run out- a coin-bought revival option lets you rewind time and make amends.

How Beary stands out from others of its kind

The realism of the water physics control is undoubtedly the game’s strongest selling points. Most who have adopted such controls have fallen short with regards to responsiveness, an area in which Beary excels providing life-like controls to add to a fairytale setting.

To Play or not Play?

Well, the answer is certainly in the affirmative if Google Play Store reviews are anything to go by with almost everyone who’s tried out the game so far give it the full 5-star thumbs up. If you don’t have Beary installed, I don’t understand what you could possibly be waiting for. It’s easily among the best android games of the decade.


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