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DeProfundis – Battle Enemies to Free Your Country From Evil

I am a die-hard fan of combat games and have a vast collection on my PC that includes Star Wars Battlefront, Fear, Halo and Gears of War. Keen on playing a hack n’ slash on my Android mobile, I was browsing the Google Play store when I came across DeProfundis. It is a 3D dungeon crawler RPG developed by Thecle. In this fantasy war game, you need to fight your way through a group of monsters and zombies.


DeProfundis belongs to the Arcade and Action category in the Google Play Store. It is a game of strategy that puts your fighting skills to the test. In DeProfundis, you take the role of a warrior and kill enemies to clear levels. Being the guard’s captain of the land, your task is to find out what happened to your king and free your country from evil.

The app lets you build your own character from the skilltrees in the game. Once you select a skill, you can get started on your mission in the dungeons and battle orcs, goblins and monsters. On your way, you will find many items and learn powerful spells to defeat your enemies.

You can choose from the four different skilltrees – Elementalist, Warrior, Ritualist and Void Mage. You can select any of the three gaming modes from the ‘Bestiary’ option in the app. Each mode comes loaded with many mythological creatures. You need to collect as many coins as you can to purchase items for your inventory. You have an option to swap weapons from the inventory available.


The app lets you save your character in the cloud, so that you can continue your game from wherever you stopped, even if you are playing on some other device (for this you need full Internet connectivity). The app is packed with a lot of random action that keeps you engaged for hours together. The app’s gameplay and background music are amazing. The 4 environments, 3 gaming modes and the various weapons and avatars in the game make DeProfundis a feature-rich app that every fan of combat games must try. I personally loved the app’s graphics as they bring the mysterious creatures to life and actually let users step into a world of fantasy. The app supports English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

This free version of DeProfundis comes with ads and I felt that they were quite distracting. With a premium account, you can play ad-free and also access the hardcore mode.

DeProfundis is a free app that requires Android 2.3 or later versions.

 Price : Free

Rating : 4/5

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