Games Become the King of the Pond in This Highly Addicting and Competitive Multiplayer Frog Game

In, you take the role of a frog that has a single purpose: eat as many flies as you can. This goes fits perfectly into the premise of simplicity in gameplay in this arcade game. From the outset, you are only required to state whether you are a new player or an existing one. You create an account and sync your device with the game, and voila, you may now choose a frog to play (the Fribit being the only one available for free) and start competing with other players. 

The game will immediately teach you how to control your frog. You only need to tap at an exact spot on the damp grass to take your frog where you want it to go. Take note that there is a slight delay in moving as the frog takes the time to turn towards the direction where you want it to go before jumping. This factor could prove to be vital as any type of delay could cause you to become squished or collide with other players.

That being said, you may squish any player near you by jumping over them. However, you always have to consider their size, as attempting to squish a frog that is larger than you would result in your death instead. As you die, you leave behind a collection of flies that can be eaten by other frogs. 

Speaking of the said bugs, it’s your task to eat as many of them as possible (they come in various colors) so you would gain points that would add to your score. You will see that the game has a built-in multiplier system that increases as you are able to eat more flies before its invisible timer expires. Your multiplier determines the amount of points you gain for every fly you eat. Do note that there is a specific fly – called the Super Fly – which is a larger, luminescent fly that gives more points and multipliers.

As you survive and rack up the points, your frog becomes larger and you also gain a prestigious place in rankings. There are two kinds of rankings in the game, friends’ rankings and global rankings. The friends’ rankings is displayed in real-time while your global rank can be viewed after you die or from the settings. Make it a point to score as high as you can, though, as doing so would certainly merit you with coins, which you can use to purchase custom Frog skins.’s massive multiplayer concept calls to mind a lot of the .io games that came before it. Nonetheless, its overall theme and original gameplay are what ultimately makes it very unique. If you’re the type of player who would like to have your reflexes tested in a leaping and jumping game, then this game is certainly for you. 

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