Get Hooked in This Cute Puzzle Arcade Game that Offers Unexpected Challenges

Shmush: The Spinning gives pure arcade entertainment seamlessly combined with brain twisting puzzle solving. In this game, it’s your job to mix as much shmushies of the same color before tapping them to quickly clear the puzzle before time runs out. It’s not your garden variety arcade puzzle game, though, as you’ll soon see once you give the game a try.

Much like lots of mobile puzzle and arcade games available in the App Store and Play Store, Shmush requires you to complete each level to unlock the next one. Of course, it’s only right to assume that the difficulty will increase as you progress in the game. That being said, it’s easy to get the hang of how to play the game, but you’ll find that it gets complicated as you start challenging the later levels.

This is because, as said above, it’s your job to group as much same-colored shmushies forming rows and columns of a grid so you can eliminate as much of the shmushies as possible. What certainly sets the game apart, though, is the fact that you can spin and rotate the grid by swiping towards the direction that you want it to spin.

This action will cause the square shmushies to fall (gravity is present in the game) and essentially change positions. Doing so will allow you to solve the puzzle quicker. As you go higher in levels, you’ll find that spinning the grid will become nothing short of necessary to solve a given puzzle. The added timer certainly makes the game more challenging and exciting. It will test your quick thinking and even logical prowess and powers of anticipation, similar to the one that you usually employ when you are solving a Rubik’s cube.

In fact, there is also a daily puzzle that tasks you to solve it as soon as possible so you will be included in the online ranking. The sooner you solve it, the higher your rank. This undoubtedly makes the game perfect for people who like competitive puzzle games. Take note that this ranking system is also applied to every level that you finish. Your finishing times, in turn, will determine your world ranking.

The design and animation of the game are also worth commending as they are certainly very original. The shmushies are cartoonish to the point that they can be appreciated by people of all ages. They fit the arcade theme of the game perfectly as well. It’s a game that’s perfect for brain training and endless hours of addictive puzzle gameplay. This rare combination among mobile games nowadays is what definitely makes it a different.


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