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Help Glitch Find his Way to the Microchip Exit

Have you ever imagined what a glitch looks like? I usually think of it as a bug with googly eyes. Have you thought of saving one, instead of getting rid of it? Confused? Enjoy a new take on a glitch, with an Android app (named Glitch) that provides you an exciting experience! Here you must save a glitch from various obstacles and help it find its way out of the microchip.


Glitch is a game of logic that tests your thinking abilities. The game tests your speed and manual dexterity as well. The app belongs to the Brain & Puzzle category in the Google Play store. The app features a glitch and the idea of the game is to make use of it to collect all the power charges and find your way to the microchip exit. The challenge lies in avoiding the falling objects as you may lose a life.

The game has three challenging levels – Cluster1, Cluster 2 and Laser Defense. All 3 levels have 12 sub-levels each. Glitch’s gameplay is simple, yet exciting. The play area is designed like the inside of a microchip, and blocks, batteries and falling objects are seen around. You just have to make use of the four direction arrows at the bottom of the screen to control the movement of the glitch. You will have to collect all the batteries before reaching the exit. Once you reach the exit you can move to the next level.

The game get quite tough when you move to higher levels. The timer and the number of batteries you have collected are displayed at the top of the screen. When you complete a level the app displays the time you have taken for the task. It gives you a maximum of three stars depending on how quickly you finish.


I found the Laser Defense level to be the most challenging of all. Glitch has got a leaderboard that displays the scores of competitors in each individual level. The app has excellent graphics and astounding sound effects. The app allows you to control the music and sound effects of the game. The app’s addictive gameplay is bound to attract both kids and adults.

Glitch does not support portrait mode. I felt that an option to share scores through social media would have made the game more exciting. The ads that appear while you play the game are quite distracting, but you can do away with them by making an in-app purchase for $1.5. Glitch has got great replay value, and it is a perfect game to play with friends on weekends.

Glitch is a free app that requires Android 2.3.3 or later versions.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

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