Hold onto your socks as Auto Bullet takes you on the wildest shooter yet Games

Hold onto your socks as Auto Bullet takes you on the wildest shooter yet

The theme behind Auto Bullet: Nexus Experiment

Auto Bullet has cracked the recipe for mind-boggling shooter games. In the mantra of small screens, big experiences, it mixes it up with mayhem, lots of bullets, and the alien nemeses to match. This super dope 2-d shooter remains simple yet intriguing, putting you into the shoes of a protagonist cyborg with abilities far beyond your wildest dreams. Trouble comes thick and fast from an evil corporation dubbed the AFC, bringing an endless horde of Alien and technological opposition that make for a nail-biting quest. Do you have what takes to take down the AFC? There’s only one way to know.

App features

Essentially a two-dimensional game, Auto Bullet offers fun in multiple dimensions. The supernatural fun knows no bounds, and players can look forward to the following:

  •         Have you ever wondered what it must be like to be a weapon-wielding robot with its brain in a bottle? Wonder no more. Play as a Ninja, Viking, or cyborg, among other cool heroes you won’t get enough of.
  •         Fight your enemies with cool powers, including the ability to move through reality in bullet time while your enemies slouch to catch up.
  •         Amazing graphics to go with an out-worldly aura that makes Auto Bullet, intriguing, enthralling, and truly authentic
  •         Ability-enhancing weapons and outfits, that look good and make you fight even better as you gun down freakish monsters
  •         Engrossing combat to keep you on the edge of your seat as you fight opposition on multiple fronts and flex your dexterity

Working of the app

Earn coins and collect gems as you fight your way past levels, and defeat all who stand in your way. Upgrade your abilities to increase your jump level, heighten the damage dealt and perform other cool abilities to get past stubborn foes. The free-to-play concept makes it appealing, although you can use in-game currency to unlock heroes, weaponry, and do so much more.

Why Auto Bullet: Nexus Experiment is in a league of its own

With a stellar rating from 1,000+ installs on the Google PlayStore within a few days of launch, the numbers speak for themselves for Auto Bullet. Beyond that though, the game encompasses a great story, and its huge roaster of differently-abled heroes adds fresh perspectives to the gameplay to keep things exciting and new. Auto Bullet is not your ordinary mindless shooter game. It’s nothing like you’ve ever played before; a shooter that revitalizes the genre and has all the hallmarks of a fun, and quick mobile shooting game. Download now.


Price: FREE

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Features Of The App
Ease Of Use
User Interface
Final Thoughts

Overall Score 4.8

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