Jewel Lust app Review

Jewel lust, well the name itself was very enticing, I just had to see what its was. As you already know women are very interested in jewelry, so I just peeped in to see what it was really about and later got glued to it, I just couldn’t put it down I was determined to play to the end.

I heard that the same app had a lot of issues with bugs , but it seems that every thing is now out of the way and the app can be played without any breaks or intermissions. Well talking about the app, it is quiet interesting actually you have about 30 levels and seven pyramids where you would find individual jewels, and when you have gathered them you get to reach Pharaoh’s underground temple where you could steal Pharaoh’s power, and you finally get to say HA HA HA!!!!!, with a villainous smile on your face.

Now isn’t that fun, yes!, to get to open the doors of the the pyramids you need to collect pieces and the number of pieces change with the two different modes, one is the campaign mode and the other is the survival mode. There are a few rules that change between the two modes but the game remains the same. All you have to do is burst out as many jewels on the screen , this happens when you bring three jewels of the same kind together in the campaign mode, after a few are done you’ll receive a piece and you need to collect four of those at the bottom of the screen to make the door of the pyramid open, where you can search and find your jewel.

This goes on for seven pyramids, and there’s a lot more additional features like hammers and bombs, and ice stones and chameleon time stones. These are just bonuses that help you get through the game with additional time or some times they knock out the jewels in your way and the ice stone freezes the screen for like a minute that helps you switch jewels and things like that. Its something new and different and keeps you at the edge of your seat, especially when your time is running out. Its too good, it gets your adrenalin rising, but you’ll never know if you never try . So try it and feel the experience, that rush when your losing time and about to fail at your challenge.

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