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Jump, Crack and Eat Nuts in Noogra Nuts

Android Market is the place for some impressive free games. Noogra Nuts is one among them and has become popular here with more than 25,000 downloads in four days time.


Noogra Nuts has no new concept and is a pretty simple game to play. Users will be given a squirrel and 120 seconds to achieve the best possible score. They have to make the squirrel eat the nuts that fall from the sky. Headbutts can make it crack and the squirrel can eat it, once it opened the nuts. Points will be awarded on the basis of headbutting and eating nuts.


Controlling the squirrel is not a great deal here. Tilting the phone makes squirrel to move left and right and touching the screen makes it to jump. It is raining nuts and nutts here and even a fastest player cannot make the animal eat all the nuts. Attracting users with a 2D game is not easy these days and developers have achieved the same with Noogra Nuts.

noogra-nutsrel=“nofollow”>Noogra Nuts has a big black bar on the bottom of the screen for ads. It may be an ad supported game, but I can’t say, how many users can appreciate allocating a space permanently at the bottom for ads. This game has received a lot of positive reviews in the Android Market and it is really a mystery what makes people write that.

Noogra Nuts supports OpenFient for leader board submission and the points can also be shared in the Facebook wall. This game was launched only a few days back and it is one of the hottest downloads in the Android Market. Noogra Nuts is a good game, but has been receiving a bit too much of appreciation and downloads, I think.

Rating: 2.5/ 5

Price: Free

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2 Comments on Jump, Crack and Eat Nuts in Noogra Nuts

  1. Rick

    This is an awesome game!

    The reason it’s so popular is ’cause it’s so freakin addictive and fun to play

    I assume there will be a paid version for ones who don’t like adds.

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