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Themed behind Numfeud

Sudoku has long been the poster boy of the numerical puzzle world, but there’s a new sheriff in town in the way of Numfeud. If you like Sudoku, you are certainly going to fall in love with this logic-based numerical app that offers a nice alternative that perfectly compromises between lovers of Othello, Okey, and Rummy. Offering a game like none of its predecessors, this tile-based combination app offers a new take on the genre that will have you mixing and matching for hours on end as you try to outwit your adversary. Whether it be a personalized match with friends, a solo campaign of brain-teasing, or a desire to top global leaderboards, this app has your share of presence as far as the puzzle buffet is concerned.

App features

Numfeud’s Google PlayStore and Apple App Store availability bridges the iOS and Android divide ensuring a fun game for all; fun entailing the following functionalities:

  • Play with two or more friends simultaneously thanks to Numfeud’s multitasking convenience that includes a reminder when the opponent is done. In total, you can be part of up to 50 games at a time if you’re up for it!
  • Embark on global challenges to scale the leaderboards and claim dominance
  • Aesthetic animations to compliment gameplay superbly
  • A range of color selections for your skins so can choose freely between those that draw your mood
  • Head scratching combinations that ensure you’re rattling your brain for answers
  • A Facebook and guest sign-in alternative that lets you straightway get into the action without registration

How Numfeud Works

After signing in, you can choose to have a match with an opponent or one of your Facebook friends through an invite. The rules are simple; the game is a race between who can get all the tiles into the board according to the sequence policies of the game. Speaking of which, matching rules indicate that you can combine numbered tiles in one of two ways. First, you can horizontally or vertically group pieces that are of the same number but different colors and secondly, you can lineup tiles in sequential number order as long as they are of the same color. Diagonal combinations aren’t allowed. If you’re short on moves, you can choose to “place” or add a limited number of tiles or opt for a “swap.”

Why it stands out

Numfeud takes the fun gameplay of classic games and elevates the adrenaline and appeal multiple times to serve a brain-racking game that’ll have you on the edge of your seat. With pleasant animations, progress-tracking statistics, among other exclusive features to look forward to with an app that ventures into uncharted waters, Numfeud is a game for all ages.


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