Pakado: Make money from the comfort of your sofa

Pakado Concept

With COVID-19 suffocating economies around the world and the financial situation getting more challenging by the day, money has become very scarce. Even if you have some cash, it can never be enough. Whatever your case, Pakado is here to help. Have your lost your job recently with the countrywide downsizing? Has your business not been doing too well with the government imposing restrictions and clients fearing for their health? Don’t sweat it! Sign up on Pakado and make money from wherever you are in India. All you need to do that is your smartphone and a stable internet connection. You get paid for doing the things you love: playing games!  

Features of the app 

Download Pakado at no charge and start earning money right away. Here’s how you can supplement your income on Pakado:

  • 100% winning balance withdrawal into your bank account without stress. There are no hoops to jump or endless conditions to fulfill; you get your money ASAP and problem-free.
  • Join live tournaments and compete for money. Watch your wallet grow in real-time and savor the thrill of fast cash unfolding before your eyes.
  • Join paid tournaments and square it out with other players. You can deposit cash to play these special events
  • Play for prizes as indicated in the Tournament/slot and win cash daily
  • Practice games to hone your skills. New players can sharpen their gameplay with practice sessions before putting actual money on the line later on when they are ready. 


How to Play 

You need an Indian phone number to register and get access to the app. The principle of the slot/tournament game is simple and involves a number game. You’ll be presented with a series of numbers in bubbles, and you need to choose one. The right selection results in a win with rewards of Pakado cash. You can exchange Pakado currency for actual money, which is sent to your bank account. You get one rupee for each Pakado coin. 


Why Pakado is unlike the rest

The problem with most money-making apps is that they do not work. They lead you on with minimum withdrawal limits and other misleading languages, but you do not get paid at the end of the day. Pakado offers genuine opportunities to make money online, and you can withdraw actual cash into your bank account in a secure & legal manner. Many have tried it before, and you can find all their success stories on Pakado. You get paid to play games!


Have fun with Pakado and make money while you’re at it!

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